Monday, October 26, 2009

Student life

So there it all is, the blogs that are something very close to the rambling of a crazy, soon to be unemployed, student. But I wont lie, student life has resulted in some close calls but also some dam good times, from clubbing to wine tasting and cramming in class or bunking class for waffles, KFC and a movie at a nearby digs. I might even miss the all nighters and crazy moments at res.
After 4 years in Cape Town I still have seen it all, as much as I swore I wasn't going to miss a beat and for the most part I didn't, but the budget of student goes not always allow for seeing and doing it all. But we have done pretty well and the crazy people we met along the way made it all the more interesting, even though every now and then what we thought was a good idea at the time made us cringe the morning morning after. And all the entertaining moments that my partners in crime will never live down or let me live down, make every walk of shame more enjoyable and memorable. .
I'm not saying that those were the last of the Cape Town adventures but thank you for all the good times and great memories so far.

Watch this space.

Just for in cases being, and I don't become the Public Relations Practitioners that changes the face of PR as we know it... just kidding :) but the fact remains if you don't see me taking part in the industry, putting organisations and initiatives on the map and making you head spin with all the useful information you have being needing to know. Then there are some other alternative, places to look.
You might find me on the beach somewhere, promoting my tan or over the seas working on relating to the public on the ski slops and just somewhere in Canada. And if all else fails, they say Teasers pays well, or the local convent/nunnery is always up for a challenge.
But then again, this space my not be the best space to watch considering, my run at CPUT is almost complete. Or at least thats the plan. Also because although Cape Town has treated me very well over the last few year, it might have had its fill of me by now. But hopefully I will still manage to catch your eye, and hopefully I will be able to monopolies on those fifteen minutes of fame.

The right to be ridiculous is one I hold dear.

Be crazy while you can. It breaks my heart to see that younger and younger kids, are working to grow up and fit in the mold. I say it like there is one mold to fit to but they don't know that yet, but I am hoping the teens I know will realise how boring the norm can be.
Live it up man. I have done plenty of crazy things and stupid sh.. stuff in my life but soon I will submit my last assignment and I will be all grown up and unemployed, and now I wish I had done more.
So what if you do something silly and people shoot you a dirty look. They more like wish it was them doing something memorable or caring enough to blush Would you rather no-one noticed you were there. I'm not saying go out and be an attention seeking because you know what they say about empty vessels.. but if you are having a good time and letting your hair down, so what if you catch someones eye. Maybe you will make someone smile or giggle or just have a good laugh at you, whether they let you see it or not.
The thing is if you don't do it now, when are you ever going to be able to do it. Rather miss out on some sleep, put a couple of all nighters to get what you need to do done and blush, that miss out on the top class life experience that will get you through the long days of responsibility that are fast approaching.

Conventional is a good fallback position

Keep it simple stupid. As much as the world is progressing and technology developed some things should not be written off just because it worked back in the day.
Yes, things are bigger and better and move at the speed of light but sometimes even the best laid plans go pear shaped, and the most sophisticated computers crashes, what then.
As much as we have the ability to spice things up, its the basics that will always get the job done. Give people what they what, work hard to make if happen, and be the friendly face that knows what your doing and do it well.
I am all for moving forward but conventional got us this far and we haven't turned out too badly.
Word of month will always be the most effective means of forming the perception of the public, no matter how phenomenal your blog, webpage or social media profiles is. I would like you more if I saw you in person, and if a don't, we shouldn't be friends or business partners and I would be supporting your... whatever you are offering.

So over facebook

Facebook for me has now reached it peak, if I wasn't such a curious creature and so entertained but the stupid things that people say in their statuses and post on other peoples wall. The drama is too much, but there are a couple of thinks that blow my mind.
What are you thinking with you status updates. I am all for keeping in touch with friends that don't have long distance roaming and information updates but. I would rather you comment on whats stuck in your teeth than how much you miss you honey bunny pumpkin pie that you love with all your heart that you haven't seen for the last 20 min - send them a private message for goodness sake thats what Inbox's are for. I just wanna know if there was a nasty breakup or if you are popping out a kid. Just kidding, I'm not that bad.
Also I don't need to see the pictures of your toes you took yesterday when you were very bored or stoned out of your bracket – its a not a good idea to post either of those.
Why is it that you feel the need to share this with me, especially you crazy people who don't even know who I am! What if I were a crazy person, looking for my next victim, hiding behind a pretty little Profile Picture. Do you really not have real life friends of your own. OK but enough of that, because I'm sure I will be seeing a lot more of you all when I'm all um employee and stuff.

YW girls are a breed of their own

Res life is a one of a kind experience. As much as it tests your patience and plays jump rope with my last nerve, and some individual favourite past time is burning my bum, there have been some good times after the last few years.
There are two things I have learnt about the girls I live with:
One, they are their own worst enemy. Not only do they somehow manage to convince each other that the most extreme variation of the latest diet craze is in order, but this will only be implemented tomorrow because all the talk about food has summoned the craving for KFC burger meal with a brownie avalanche for desert. All of which sounds like a very good plan and completely logical to all of them at the time. Its pretty funny.
Second, there is a whole new brand of boy, that seem to seek out and attach themselves to the girls, formally of the YWCA. Whether it is something in the drinking water or the natural evolution of post teen pre-grown up male, but its a problem. Or maybe its just a case of be careful what you wish for. As potential suiters of 'Y' girls have been coined as 'over devoted', falling hook, line and sinker, for girls who apparently are only looking for a little adventure. Instead they are now being lined up in front of the alter, or at least this is the version I hear.
So thats 'Y' girls for you, confused and difficult to please, but lots of laughs to be around, whether you are laughing together or at each other.

“Nothing is more dangerous than one idea, when you one have one idea.” Alain

This is a problem and also so sad. People will should potential and often good intentions but completely misdirected when it comes to the change they want to be in the world.
Stubborn people, although I might fall into this category every once in a while, really are a source of entertainment all on their own – its when you know something bad is going to happen and you should look away but you don't. People with one big idea, uncompromising, and closed to the minor details of logic and reason, or even cause and effect. There should be a saying about people with one track minds, something like... “the only place it will will take you is straight off a cliff”.
See now, this is what proves that I am not a danger to society. It might very well have been my idea, to revolutions the English language, become the benchmark of 21 century literature – but this obviously isn't in the stars for me. So, I'm moving on to my next big idea. Maybe change the face of fashion – bring on the era of PT shorts and slip-slops.
Anyway. My advice, learn to let go. And you might be surprised where your next idea takes you. Sometimes the world is just not ready for all our big ideas.